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Welcome to the website How To Sue Your Landlord.com. This website has lots of strategies and tactics for suing your landlord, the property managers that represent them, and the insurance companies that insure the landlords and property managers. We reference jury awards of up to $32 million on the high end; while that is a huge number and only achieved by a few plaintiffs, settlements in the hundreds of thousands are very routine.

Here is what you will find on this website.

We list out all the main reasons for lawsuits against landlords. Each of them has a separate page to explain what the basis is for the suit. In most cases, we also spell out what you have to prove to win against the landlord. Each of these pages is a condensation of an entire chapter in the book “How to Sue Your Landlord” which is available on this website.

In the menu section at the top of this page, you will see a menu choice for Landlord Tenant Laws. This section gives you links where you can download the statutes for your state to find out precisely what your state landlord tenant laws require of the landlord and tenant. In order to zero in on your landlord’s mistakes, you’ll need to read your state’s statutes and compare them with your lease and your landlord’s actions. It will be eye-opening when you do. Obtaining the state statutes is entirely free and it will only take you an hour or two to read the statutes.

We also cover setting up a tenant union, also called a tenant association, which is a group set up to negotiate with the landlord for necessary changes. These groups help to achieve parity in power with the landlord or property manager. When the landlord reacts negatively and retaliates (which is illegal), and almost all landlords do, it also opens the landlord up to legal action in response to their illegal retaliation.

We also cover the subject of class actions on this site. Class actions are lawsuits brought by a group of people over the same issue against a defendant. They work very well for many landlord tenant issues where individual dollar amounts might not be large enough for each tenant to sue the landlord individually. Grouping the claims into a class action is more efficient and allows the attorneys to ask for treble damages. Class action attorneys also often take cases on contingency, which allows the group of tenants to obtain legal representation without having to spend large sums to obtain it.

The site also has a page on property managers, which might initially be surprising. Why property managers? Because they represent the owner and they are the ones making many of the mistakes that get the owner sued. The relationship between owner and property manager is such that the owner cannot deny responsibility for the property manager’s actions. It gives the tenant two more possible defendant s in the lawsuit, the property manager and their insurance carrier. The chapter on suing property managers in the book “How to Sue Your Landlord,” which this is excerpted from, is around 25 pages long, with long lists of problems caused by property managers and ways to prove their culpability. The website page is necessarily brief.

There is a page on habitability which is one of the most flexible ways to involve landlords and property managers in lawsuits, though most tenants do not bring up the issue in the way that maximizes their position. Habitability means livability and the landlord has the obligation of providing a livable rental unit. We show tenants how to use the issue properly. Like the section on property management, the webpage on habitability is a brief excerpt of a long chapter on how to set up the issue of habitability in a lawsuit in the book “How to Sue Your Landlord,” which is available on this website.

We wrote the book “How to Sue Your Landlord” that is featured on this site, as well as all the website material. The book tells tenants how to engage in a winning lawsuit against their landlord. The book is the product of 35 years of real-world experience from someone that has seen every aspect of land lording from being a property manager, real estate investor, property flipper, and Realtor. The focus of the book is completely real world, with no esoteric theory. To review the book’s components, just click on the graphic at the right.

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